Tuesday, December 11, 2018

At the local magazine

Almost in a year late I found out about it....
A photo that I took of Noa Drezner and Shuky Shveiky
has been published at a local magazine of Jerusalem.
It's a great complement for me and a great way to publish
my photography. And my name is there and spelled correct.
The only part which is too bad - why did I found out
about it so late?

The artistic

When I decided to make photography more than a hobby - I
started as an artistic photographer who takes a part at
art exhibitions.

At the year 2015 I have started to get more into commercial
photography by taking stage arts photography. 

I love both kinds of photography and hope to find one day
the right balance between. Go on taking stage arts photography
and go on taking a part at exhibitions.

When I started to be more commercial I almost
forgot how much I enjoy the artistic side. I almost stopped 
the artistic side. I still do stage arts photography when I have
the chance. A bit by bit I'm coming back to the artistic side
of photography. I still don't see a coming exhibition, but I'm
taking artistic photography for my pleasure and for I will be
able to show here something when I have less performance

The photos up are bit of the artistic side of last time.
Most of the photos here made at end of 2018, few
at 2017. Those are some of my favorites

I guess I will have many more to show of this kind.
I'm pretty sure that I'm getting better with time, learning
and practice