Thursday, October 22, 2015

Dinner I received with the show

Cauliflower' salad with some more vegetables, 
truffle oil and thina, Coke and Martini.

I was a a bit confused about this dinner.
The most expensive salad I ever ate in my life and 
came in a small plate. The service was horrible,
but probably it's because one waitress from that night.
At least the salad was great and filled the stomach more
than it looks like and tasted well. I usually
rather Martini Bianco, but they didn't have more of it.
I took Martini Dry which I like a little less. I was amazed how did
this kind of Martini went so great with the salad.

The show was amazing

Night at Old Jaffa

Night at the port of Jaffa