Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Be good

A thing that shocked me about human cruelty:
The foundation that I volunteer at isn't the only animals' shelter. 
At another place....
A dogs\ shelter at the north has been burn. Two dogs
has burn to death, another one has been injured.
The others at least stayed alive and didn't get physical injures because
of it, but it probably made them a big trauma.
I don't know this place well (so far just heard of it).
It still shocked me and made me sad to hear about it.
I heard that the fire probably made by men. 
Without to know the dogs there and the good people
who made a try to take care for them -
it really made cry.

People, be good to your dogs.
They are the best friends you will ever have.
If you still don't have a dog = it's about time 
to adopt a dog. Or a cat.

The dogs and cats at the photos here has
no connection to this horrible thing.
I took those photos at the foundation
that I volunteer at. Those are dogs
and cats from the animals' shelter that I volunteer at.
All well at their bodies, just need a lot of love.
Some found homes 
(the main reason for those photos was to make people adopt them).
Too many of them are still waiting to be adopted.

צער בעלי חיים רמת גן והסביבה
חפץ חיים 4
תל אביב

I want that dress

And for that I will have to work some more
for money, not only volunteering.
In case you want to buy some photography of
mine for any need (collecting, design, publishing, web sites)
or want some portraits of yours or your dogs....
You can contact me through my page a Facebook

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