Thursday, February 6, 2014

The art game

Did you hear about the art game? I heard about it a bit late... 

It's going on at Facebook just for having a lot of art at Facebook. People upload art works (of others) with copy paste of the game description. Whoever do "like" this photo - receive a sending for uploading a work of another certain artist. The receiver must upload a work of this artist with name of artist, the description of game and who asked him to upload a work of this artist. And so on. 

So far I received to upload few. These are my results so far:

Joseph Cornell

Luc Tuymans


And because I have two profiles at Facebook (long story) and didn't get enough likes for my opinion - I sent on like from my "new" profile to the original one just for sending some more art. As one more like to my "new" profile at Facebook - I sent it to Sophie Calle

Since I got few likes and sent others to look and upload 
Frida Kahlo, Cindy Sherman, Man Ray and Alphonse Mucha. The guy I sent for Frida already uploaded to Facebook. I could help it and sent him like for that, a thing which sent me to Luc Tuymans

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

About the next exhibition

Although I still don't have the official invitation - things are getting closed about it. I can't wait to tell. At the next exhibition will be three photos I took around flamenco. Three photos I took of a good friend of mine who's a professional flamenco dancer. I took something like 70 photos, I was choosing some that I thought are good enough to show, he was choosing those which he accept to publish (less than 10), yesterday I was closing with the curator which 3 photos proved by my friend will be on the gallery's walls. 

This curator always takes a work of each artist at group exhibitions for the  invitations and I already know which of my photos will be on the invitation.

The photos will be kappa, so it won't take long to make it. 

When the official invitation will be ready - it will be here as well