Friday, August 31, 2018

Looking forward

I know about something that will happen at March 2019.
I still don't have all details and I promised not to tell
before the official announcement.
                                       I'm looking forward. It includes a friend from Spain
and probably will end with some new photos to show.

And till I will have a real new thing - here's again
a photo that I took of Adrian Santana from his last
time (so far) at Tel Aviv

Monday, August 27, 2018

Adrian choosed it

Some photos that I took at a show
of Adrian Santana and Mijal Natan.
Tel Aviv, August 2018

Adrian choosed to put those photos
at his Facebook business page

Thursday, August 23, 2018

The letter

There is an Israeli musician called Dana Berger.
She's well known at Israel, but so far she doesn't try
to make an international career. I really love her music
since I was a teenager.

Recently she made a crowdfunding for
she will be able to publish new CD.
She was for a while in a bad finance situation
and that was the way to get out and make some
more music.

I supported. Every one who supported has
got something they choosed and fit the support.
Some got copies of the CD at early sale,
some got tickets for certain shows of hers,
I received a letter. At this letter she
wrote a part of one of her songs. And some

And this is a photo that I took of hers couple of years ago

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The profile pic

Once again Mijal Natan choosed a photo that I took
to be her profile picture at Facebook. This time it's about
this photo. She gave the photography credit
and so far there are some great comments on the photo

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

T(w)oo happy

So, after a while that I was less busy at taking photos and
I was sure that some other photographers takes my dreams away - I got this.

One of my photography dreams was taking photos
of the flamenco dancer Adrian Santana.
Every time that I'm taking photos of stage artists from
abroad it makes me feel like I'm "high".
And this is one of my highlights. A dancer from Spain
that I really love the way he dance and I was waiting for this chance.

Although I didn't take many photos as I'm used too - there
are some photos like these that I'm proud that I took.
Those couple also at Facebook with tags.
I know that he not always talk much, but his respond
was enough for me to understand that he likes it too.
It will take some time till the smile will get down from my face

Mijal Natan

Ofir Atar and El Fyty