Monday, July 30, 2018


I know that here I suppose to show how much do I am successful.
Everyone has there low levels at life.
And I never trust people who tells that all in their lives is perfect.
It isn't a secret that one of the things that I love the most
doing in photography is stage arts' photography. I got a lot
of experience it after a lot of work. Still I have a lot
of work to get high. I published in this blog some dreams
that I have about people that I want to take their photos,
people that do stage arts. I wrote about people from
music, dance and movies.

My favorite music group that I love the most
since I was 12 years old are The Beatles.
I don't want to hear that I'm too young to know who they
were. I heard it more than once. Sadly - only two of
them I still have a chance at my dreams to take their photos.
I've seen a live show of Paul McCartney when I only started
to take photography more than a hobby. I still didn't think
that I will be taking photos at shows. Recently Ringo Starr
came to perform at Israel. Of course I went to see the show, but...
Not many photographers had the chance to get in
with their cameras. I didn't find a way to receive the
right approval to take photos at the show.

I also love Alanis Morissette. I've seen her long
time ago, when photography was only a hobby for me.
She comes back to Israel.
I didn't get the approval to take photos.
Not only that - I found out that another photographer
who I know through Raash Magazine received to take
photos for the production who brought Alanis to Israel.
When both of us were at Raash Magazine I saw him as
my biggest contest at photography at the magazine because
of his ability. Since we left the magazine - it looks like
he a bit freaked out with the Photoshop work on his photos,
but I still see him as a contest because people takes him as
a photographer.
My time at Raash Magazine....
It gave me a lot of experience with shows' photography,
but it isn't a place to go back to. So many reasons.

I hope that one day I will take photos of
Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and Alanis Morissette

Saturday, July 28, 2018

And again... Thank you!

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Friday, July 27, 2018

One more

מתוך המופע "כמו שהיא אשה" של
מיכל גליקברג

Few moments


Circus photography workshop at the Bascula

Black Lips

Michal Ben-Zvi

Victoria Hanna

Circus photography workshop at the Bascula

Omer Netzer

Omer Netzer and Kobi Farchi

From a show of Michal Glikberg,

Few moments from last couple years.
I'm proud that I took those photos


I love this photo! A photo by Yaron Segal

There are some reasons why did I choose to show this photo
although I didn't take it.
I got a reminder to this photo and
this is one of my favorite pictures that someone
else took of mine at my adult life. It means a lot about
life and art.

I used to be jewelry with many hobbies. Photography always was there, I was sure
it's only a hobby. I thought from time to time
to make something out with it, but was too afraid.
I always loved dancing - watching and dance by myself. I had a time at my life that I had a hole in my life and
felt that I need to fill it with learning something. I found out that I can learn to dance flamenco. I started to "old" for making it as a profession, but it
did fill my life in so many ways.

The flamenco made me more sure of myself. I got the bravery to show out my photography.
I got into art exhibitions with photos that I
took with a simple camera. When I finally
got my first professional camera - I found out
about some photography workshops that gives
the experience of taking dancing photography. Now I do mostly stage arts photography. I took photos of modern dance at the workshops, I took many times flamenco photos
(some has been used for marketing shows and workshops, I'm proud of it),
I recently got the second chance to take photos of Tribal Fusion.
I just want to go on dancing
and take photos of others dance