Saturday, April 29, 2017

Thursday, April 27, 2017

I probably did something good

Since I published my wish lists happened two things:

Someone who I used to think that she's my friend and I took
her photos more than once.... The last time was for Raash Magazine.
Then I found out that she isn't my friend and probably never was.
After publishing my wish lists - I met her by chance at street.
I was at a walk with my dog, she was with her husband.
No chance that they didn't see us. Too close to each other
and we walked to the opposite sides. I didn't look to their way.
Anything to look like I don't know them and I don't give a damn.
She made a try to say something to her husband. When we've been
through next to them - first time that I heard her mumble. I think
 and hope that I am right that she was shocked that her
"obsessive fan" don't give a damn about her. 

I was uploading to my Facebook page
(look for Orna Timen Official Page)
links for my wish lists of photography.
At the list of musicians - some singed "like".
One got angry or at least signed this way.
Does my wish list of what do I want to have
at my photography career as a threat?

And until I could fulfill my career
and make a living out of it (one of my points at my wish lists)
and for making it easier - you can help at any amount you can
through PayPal

Monday, April 24, 2017

The wish list No. 4

And after all - the thing that gave me courage
to make photography as more than just a hobby
was the fact I got deep into flamenco world.

So, some flamenco artists from Spain that I would love
to take their photos.... If it's while dancing, playing or sining
it will be for the best, but it doesn't have to be.
Some I saw from close, but not all I could take their photos
as I want to


Miguel Angel (yeah, again)
El Carpeta
Rocío Molina
Belén Maya
Adrian Santana
Concha Jareño
Rafael Amargo
Maria Juncal
Marco Flores
Domingo Ortega
La India
Úrsula López
Juan De Juan
Ivan Vargas
Karla Guzman
Cristina Hoyos
Eva Yerbabuena
Eva Iglesias
Amelia Vega
Ana Morales
Olga Pericet
Andres Peña


Estrella Morente
Maria Toledo
La Caita
Antonia Jiménez
Miguel Poveda
Mayte Martín
Jesus Corbacho
Marina Heredia
Niña Pastori

Until I could do it (better be in Spain)
please help me with any amount you can
through PayPal

Thank you

The wish list No. 3

Yeah, I know.
You probably think that I live in a dream.
I rather dream big than not having any dream at all.

So, if I could only have a chance to start
taking photos of international movie stars -
this is my long, long wish list:

Whoopi Goldberg
Julia Roberts
Kim Basinger
Daryl Hannah
Al Pacino
Robert De Niro
Harrison Ford
George Clooney
Orlando Bloom
Chris Hemsworth
Denzel Washington
Dustin Hoffman
Chiwetel Ejiofor
Benedict Cumberbatch
Daniel Craig
Rachel Weisz
Judi Dench
Ben Whishaw
Naomie Harris
Angelina Jolie
Brad Pitt
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Lawrence
Michael Keaton
Samuel L. Jackson
Morgan Freeman
Antonio Banderas 
Ewan McGregor
Edward Norton
Charlize Theron
Scarlett Johansson
Christina Ricci
Johnny Depp
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Jodie Foster
Luke Evans
Gary Oldman
Lucy Liu
Sam Riley
Rupert Everett
Robin Wright
Catherine Zeta-Jones

Until the moment I will stop
dreaming - in case you love
the photos that you see in this blog 
- please help as much a you can
through PayPal for I could go on

Thank you

The wish list No. 2

I know it's a big thing to ask for.
I already take photos at music concerts.
Most of times of some Israeli musicians,
few times it happened with some Indie
musicians from other places at the world.

I have a wish take a part with
"the big fish".
If it's stadium shows - I don't
mind to start for free and be sure that
I get some conditions all over time - 
never mind if I receive money or not.

I would be glad to take some photos of musicians
just like that - even without a show. Some photos
that can use for promotion or for CD covers.

My long wish list for international
musicians that I love to take their photos:

Paul McCartney
Ringo Starr
Manic Street Preachers
Alanis Morissette
Pearl Jam
Green Day
Norah Jones
Suzanne Vega
The Rasmus
Spice Girls (or at least - whatever left of them)
Kylie Minogue
Reamonn (do they still together?)
Joan Jett
Cherie Currie
George Ezra
Mary J. Blige
Tori Amos
The Weekend
Lenny Kravitz
Maximilian Hecker
Gwen Stefani
50 Cent
Michael Bublé
Ice Cube
Nelly Furtado
Erykah Badu
Sheryl Crow
Neneh Cherry
Katy Perry
Kings of Leon
Lana Del Rey
Florence + the Machine
The Killers
Rufus Wainwright
 Iron & Wine

Until I will be able to make
it possible - I would be grateful if
you can to help with a bit, anything you
can. In case you love what you see in this
blog - please help me to go on.
You can do it through PayPal

Thank you

The wish list No. 1

1. I want to make a living from photography

2. I know that not all people that I take their photos or
taking photos for them understand that I suppose to receive
money for it. Those who understand - can't pay much. I hope
that all will understand and will be able to pay good.

3. I wish to make many more photos of music and dance
at shows and rehearsals. That thing is getting improves
every months and happens, sometime more often and
sometimes I can wait a long time (for me) till it happens.
Just hope that soon it will be an amazing thing to show off
more than it is now already. 

4. I want to work with some more magazines
accept the one that I'm already work with. And I
mean by magazines from all over the world.

5. I want to have even two more pro
cameras (I have the Nikon models at my mind)
and some new lens.

6. I want my own studio with many cool
things in it.

7. I want to take some more dogs'
photos. Not only photos of my own dogs
or the dogs pf the foundation - I also
want to take some photos for some people
who have dogs, love their dogs and accept
to pay for pro photos of their dogs.

8. I want to take some photos for restaurants and coffee
shops that fits to vegetarians and vegans. I want it won't 
be only for my pleasure and my recommendation.
It will be as a work and by that still
it will be good enough to promote those places.

9. I want to start taking photos for theater.

10. I want to start taking photos of movie stars.

11. I started as an exhibitions' photographers.
It's been a long time since my last time at exhibitions.
It takes a lot of money and connections. I miss it
and want to take a part again at exhibitions.

12. I have some places at Israel that I still didn't take a part
at exhibitions and I wish to like Jerusalem and Haifa.

13. I want to have my first solo exhibition. It' about time
for it, but again - money and connections. And I want that
my first solo exhibition will be at Tel Aviv.

14. But I'm not a provincial !!
I want to exhibit also at galleries around the world.
London, Amsterdam, Venice, Prague, Madrid, Berlin,
New York City, Vancouver, Tokyo, Hong Kong,
Singapore, Melbourne - here I come!
I hope that one day when I'm still alive - my
photography will be hang over your art galleries.

15. I want that it will be enough to take
me for at least a month of staying and learning
flamenco at Seville. The flamenco was
the thing that made me feel sure enough
to make photography more than
a hobby. I know it could look a little weird,
but this is me.

16. I found out that I love drag. I want to take
some more photos of drag kings and queens.
So far it looks like it will go on.

17. I want that the night life that I take photos won't
finish with drag. Parties that not include drag will  be also good.
And pubs.

18. I want to be at least for few years of being the
official photographer of some musicians and actors.

Till the day I could get all of this
and start to make a living out of my photography
please help me as much as you can if you love what
you see in here.
You can do it through PayPal - as much as you can

Thank you for your time

Some more flowers

At Tel Aviv