Sunday, March 29, 2015

A selfie with Moti

I know... One more photo that probably some won't see as professional.
Maybe they are right, but I think it turned out funny.
And as far as I took it - I can use it.

As I said before - I started to volunteer at a place that helps
lonely dogs and cats to find homes. Sadly I'm not sure that I can 
adopt one more dog than I already have. 

The dog at the photo called Moti. He's the first dog that I took
for a walk as a part of this work. Now he's one of the two 
that I usually take for a walk when I come to this foundation. 
I truly fell in love in this dog. Last week he signed me that 
the walking was enough for him before our time outside has over.
I sat on a bench near the house of the foundation while 
still holding him. 
At the moment he saw another dog at the hands of another woman
who volunteer there - he jumped to the bench. A moment after
he was standing over my feet for having some petting. 

I just needed to take a photo or two of both of us after some hugs, kisses and petting

Friday, March 13, 2015

Follow me

Feel free to follow me at Instagram.
My name there is ornatimen. Simple, isn't?

This photo I took recently through Instagram.
The guy at the photo called Ido Shenzur.
Normally - he;s a musician. Rock music.
Few months ago someone from a German recording group
found him and his group, signed them and will publish
a CD they made with no help of anyone.
Still he didn't become rich out of it, so he's 
the owner of one of the juice store of Shenkin Street, Tel Aviv.
I mean - juice made from fresh fruits and vegetable that made at the moment.
Not the only store that kind at Shenkin Street, but the best one.
I come to buy juice from him almost every morning for few years...

Dogs and cats

Recently I started to volunteer at a foundation that helps dogs and cats without home. They are taking care for those dogs and cats till a family is adopting them. Sadly I can't adopt myself all of them (my house isn't big, I have already one dog and not sure that I can take care for more than one at once, my dog doesn't like cats - so this option is hopeless as well). But I took some photos through Instagram. 

I'm not there much time, but I already in love in two male dogs, I got to know now another female dog which is also sweet. Sadly I still don't know well the names of the cats, but I do love them too and handle with most of them. Some are so beautiful and I really can't understand why do they still look for a new family. 

In case you love dogs and cats - you should adopt. And here are some photos that I took of those amazing models:

Moti (male)

Dalik (male)

Piggy (female)

צער בעלי חיים ר"ג והסביבה
חפץ חיים 4
תל אביב

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Some treats of Purim 2015

The shoes

I'm sorry to use this platform for that.

Not art that you see at art galleries and museums. 
Still kind of art. Flamenco.

People who knows me know that I dance flamenco for years.
Although I'm not a pro dancer - recently I got two couples of 
pro flamenco shoes. Both made in a special order, but the first 
made in a wrong size for me. Some kind of mistake. A thing that 
can happen at first time of ordering shoes through internet. 
First ever. 

Although there is a big scene here of flamenco,
although I know some pro dancer - 
I still don't find anyone here someone
at this size (not an ordinary one), and till someone 
do - no one accept to pay as needed
for pro shoes. Not even if it's less than I paid for it.

So, in case you are a pro flamenco dancer or know anyone...
Please contact me. Those are shoes made by Artefyl.
They make only flamenco shoes for pro dancers. 
In case you know the names it probably will make some impression on you.
Dancers like Miguel Angel, Belen Maya, Cristina Hoyos
and the company of Antonio Gades buy from them on a regular base.
Those shoes in the size which is wrong for me is 36.5 
of Spain. 

I was wearing it twice and can't dance in it (too small for me).

If you are a pro dancer or know someone, that's your size and 
like the look - please contact me. About price we'll talk on private.