Monday, June 26, 2017

The final project

The photos up:
The final project that I brought to the photography
course. I was the director, the photographer and the model.
The teacher said it's a good one. A lot of it thanks to the personal
thing in it. More than that - technically, I made something
which is difficult to do but I made it well.

The only thing she had to correct me was the thing that
she said that one photo looks like standing by itself and still have
the right connection. The others looks like two doubles and I rather
remove one photo from each double. Instead of 5 photos - it stayed with
3 photos. One of them I was a little surprised that she told me that she prefer it.
At the first two photos - I think that the first is the best between both. 
She said that the other one is better because it looks more real and
less posing the camera.

And this is the way it looked at the end on the board:

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