Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Just in case

Just in case you are a stage artist and want photos for posters/CD covers/publishing photos

Magazines who wants photos of artists or places

Restaurants or coffee shops that need a way to publish the place

Spas or hotels.....

If you want special outside photos for your dogs

I can take the photos. 

In case you have a place that you want an interesting way to bring costumers (an exhibition) - you can contact me. 

In case you have a public place or you are "just" an ordinary persons who wants to decorate their houses.... 

In case you have a store and want to sell artistic things with my photos on it

You can contact me. You can do it here as a comment, you can do it at my Facebook page - Orna Timen Official Page - on the wall or at private message 

And some photos I took at the past (down there is the telling what is is)

A photo that I took just for taking

A house in Tel Aviv

Staf and Teddy, amazing dogs from the foundation that I
volunteer at

Maayan Tal (singer and vocal teacher)
with her dog

Elisete - singer/song writer

The juice place of Ido Shenzur
Shenkin Street, Tel Aviv

Cafe Jolie, Tel aviv

Poncho - my own dog

Behind a window

Ilan Miller - a flamenco dancer

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