Sunday, December 8, 2013

The fiesta

It isn't only me - we have a in Israel a crazy thing with flamenco, mostly at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Many flamenco artists comes to perform here because they know they have a warm audience. Last years the flamenco community of Israel started to "adopt" few more things around the flamenco (feria de Abril, fiestas, tablaos)... We have here 40 studios or more at Israel for learning to dance flamenco. Whoever is looking for it - there are ways to learn sinning and playing flamenco. One of the options of music has started recently at Tel Aviv in a studio which was for dancing only till now. At this studio was a fiesta last October for people will know this studio and the the teachers better. I went to. Accept to enjoy the moment - I took some photos. For it will be clear - the people at the photos were pleased from having those photos, Noa Drezner (the guitar player) even said it will a good thing if I will show the photos (or videos if I have)


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