Friday, December 6, 2013

Here we go

My name is Orna Timen. I'm an artist and a blogger from Tel Aviv. I've been taken a part in art groups exhibition since 2008, so far only at Israel. I took a part of a project called "The Secret Postcard". It's a project of selling once a year postcards one their kinds which has been designed by artists and designers. The money goes for scholarships of art learning. I did more than once, most of postcards which I designed has been sold. Recently took a part in another project like this. The money from the project I took recently went to a  foundation which helps kids with special needs and their families. I do mostly photography, a thing which I'm about to show here in this blog, and invitations for exhibitions. In case you're in Facebook - you can look at my fan page, it shows a lot:

My wish with this blog is getting to some more people who will know my art. If I will have a luck - some people will buy some if my work, not only at projects that helps others. I think that those projects are important and I'm proud that I took a part at those projects, but I hope also to find a way to live from my art. Hopefully it will help me to get a new camera (needed) and finance future exhibition which I will take a part in or even a solo exhibition. 

Well, I also love some other things too accept art. I learn for my own pleasure to dance flamenco. Started recently my 8 year. That's one more thing which is possible to learn more and more and still to find out how much there is more. In many ways it saved me. One of the things was that it helped me to get the courage to show my art to public. I said I'm a blogger. So - I write a flamenco blog for 2.5 years. It called La Reina De La Luna + In case you can find it interesting - here's a link:

And movies.... I'm addicted. Since last September - I have also a blog for movies: 

I hope you'll find all interesting. Have a great weekend!

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