Saturday, September 20, 2014

The lecture

OK, one intermission for a thing which feels like inspired me. I went to a lecture/interview of Erno Rubik (inventor of the Rubik's Cube). It happened at The Design Museum of Holon. It's a city with a limit with Tel Aviv. I usually dislike this city (Holon), but this museum is good and the idea of this lecture was interesting, After all - who never had a Rubik's Cube? One little thing and so amazing. 

It's true that till now my only designs were mostly to art projects for charity. One was a cube, but a different kind. Still - I think that design and art has a big connection, even if the design weren't for art. 

The inspire came from everything Erno Rubik said. Some of things are true for life, not only for art or design. He told (of course) about the idea behind this cube. Now days it's easy to find information, you just need to choose which information you need. 40 years ago when he made this cube information was strength. He made it for giving people the information in a fun way. 

Well, I won't tell all he said (I didn't write it down in the same moment, he said so many things and you probably won't like to have all of it now). He's humble although his cube. And he seem to be smart and has a sense of humour. He said NOT to try to be him. There are no real solutions, there are problems which we should look for a kind of solutions. The real problems are to find something which looks impossible and make it possible. We all should look for this impossible and make it possible. In our own ways. Don't try to make something for what it will be for others, each person should do something for himself/herself. When you do something which you feel complete with it - you don't mind of others. If it will be good for others it will be great, but if not - at least you made something you're complete with. 

At the photo: me with Erno Rubik at the museum, a bit after the lecture. It was an honour to see him from close and listen to things he had to say. By the way I found out that he's lefthanded. Another lefthanded told me recently that lefthandeds notice things like this. It's true about me. By the way - the guy who told me that is lefthanded as well and noticed it on me......

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