Sunday, November 9, 2014

The secret postcard 2014

I took a part once again in a project called 
The Secret Postcard 

This project takes a part at an art fair called 
Fresh Paint

The fair happen once a year in Tel Aviv. Last week it
took a part in the 7 time. It gives a bit a part for 
art galleries in Israel, mostly those in 
Tel Aviv. Still most of this fair is giving a
stage for new Israeli artists who their first exhibition
was no more than 10 years ago. For this part - there are
some who choose who will take a part in the fair, 
a reception committee which changes every year. 
Once again they didn't take me, but at least once I 
took a part in another exhibition instead. 

The the fair there are some "little" projects that 
support artists and designers. One of them which
is the first they made and still goes on is the project
of the secret postcard. For that - no reception committee.
They takes all the artists and designers who accept
to delicate a bit of their time. The ides of this project
is that every artist and every designer who wants to take a part
receive two postcards with one blanked side. At this side 
each one can do whatever - paint on it or paste something. 
The only rules of to do or no to do at this side is writing
the name of the artist/designer who did it. At the other side there is
a place for it. Only after buying - the collector knows
who's the artist who made it. And there is one copy only
for each postcard. 

All postcards have the same price. The money goes for
art scholarships. 

As far as the fair has finished yesterday - I can tell which two
I made this year (I'm taking a part every year since the third fair).
And it look like someone bought my postcard this year as well.

So, here are mine. The photos up are the postcards
which I designed for The Secret Postcard Project, 
Fresh Pain 7 - 2014

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