Friday, January 2, 2015


So far 2015 feels to me like many new things and a lot of food. As far as it's difficult to make a living from art unless you're a rock or movie star - I'm looking for a steady job. Things starts to move this way. Recently my old good camera started to show that it's about to die. I bought a new one. I wish I could have two, but for now I still have the simple version between both that I want to have. Still better than the old one. I guess that technology made a progress. Some photos from the new one I already uploaded to here. And a new mobile phone. I had an old fashion one (a good one, but not a smartphone). It died fast in a horrible way which I'm a shame to tell how... So I have a smartphone now. Still learn how to use it on the best way, but at least I feel now that I'm here and now with technology instead of behind. 

About food... First day of the new year - I made a try in a new coffee shop near my house. Yes, it's nice at it looks like and I have a good feeling it will be even better. I will be back to there for sure. It's mostly coffee and cookies, but sometimes it's enough for spending time. I took few photos with the ordinary camera. You can see it in another post. At night I went to eat in a restaurant. As a person who's crazy for an Italian food - that was the thing. There are many good Italian restaurant which I love. Two restaurants at Tel Aviv are my favorites. One of them is my "birthday's restaurant". I was reading once that it mostly known for tourists at Israel. Just in case you are in Tel Aviv - you should try Ernesto 90 (90 Ben Yehuda St.). The other one is Allora. It's more "down to earth" and feels like a smoked bar. The location is at 60 Rothschild Bl. Very recommended as well (by me, but sometimes there are no place to seat because of too many people who come to eat). I went to eat at night, just an hour before closing time and before day has over, stayed almost last costumer. And I used my new mobile phone to take some photos of my food before eating it.  

So, just to show my trial and error with the mobile phone... Although it isn't a professional camera and not even get close to it.... My few first photos are personal things (my niece and my dog) - I will start with the first photos made for all. 

First day of year at Tel Aviv - King George St.

And last night at Allora

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