Tuesday, February 3, 2015

At Allora

I still enjoy my new "toy" - the new mobile phone.
I love the idea of taking photos, some in a good quality,
if not - it's possible to change and "fix" in a moment.

I also enjoy the "here and now" that I can send it to
Facebook. So I use it a lot now. A bit too much.

Recently I got Instagram into my phone. Now I spend
too much time for sure with my phone. 

LAst week I went again to Allora, an Italian restauran
at Tel Aviv. One of my two favorite Italians at Tel Aviv. 
Here are some photos I took there through Instagram. 
One of the flowers you can find on the tables. 
One of the spices I received for the pizza I ordered
(which was good, but I found out that I love more
the spaghetti that I usually take), all rest - 
artichoke bruschetta that I recently started to take for 
a start every time that I come to eat there

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