Wednesday, April 15, 2015

From the opening evening of the exhibition "Memory of the Holocaust and bravery"

One more exhibition that I'm taking a part at. One more group exhibition. This time around concept is the memory of the Holocaust. I know it isn't the first one, but the meaning for the one that happened at Europe between the years 1939-1945. So far I didn't dare to touch the subject because of fear I won't be able to do it respectable. This time I found out that Rachel Ziv, a curator that I worked with many times before at the last 3 years collects artists for this exhibition. As I remember it isn't the first time for her. I decided to try to handle the challenge.

This exhibition isn't at an ordinary gallery. It takes a place at the main library of Tel Aviv University. The exhibition is open for the audience for a while, but the special opening happened only now. This evening starts at Israel a memorial day for this Holocaust.

Few photos from for a start:

The text for my works

And my works:

And the traditional photos of mine next to my works (OK, the best one of it):

And from the speeches part - Rachel Ziv talks about
the exhibition, the artists that takes a part and the art itself:

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