Saturday, July 11, 2015


Tel Aviv is full in crazy people, mostly at my area. There are days like today that I'm glad to say that I'm crazy.

My new camera reminds me how much I love photography, no matter which side of the camera I am. I got back to take some photos at a camera (unlike the photos through the phone) almost on a daily base  as I used to at past. It doesn't matter again if there is an exhibition that I plan to take a part at or not. 

Few day ago I was buying a plastic giraffe for having another new object for photography. Today I made walk near my house for taking some photos. I brought my new plastic giraffe. First time I was taking off the giraffe for take some photos of it - a young woman behind said "oh, I really love  giraffes!". A moment after she walked a bit more - she looked at me, smiled and said: "You have a beautiful giraffe!". I smiled back and said "Thanks"

By the way - for now that's the only photo that I accept to upload of the giraffe.
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