Sunday, September 6, 2015

If you're asking....

In case you see me with a professional camera -
hey, this camera isn't focus on you. It isn't your business
what is the photo that I'm taking.

My camera is professional.
No, photography isn't a hobby.

When I tell you that I took a part at exhibitions.
You see that my camera is professional.
It doesn't mean that photography is a hobby with a bonus.

I love photography, but it isn't a hobby!
I took a part at exhibitions, pro exhibitions. 
Those who do it as a hobby won't do it.
And yes, I hope to see some money from it one day.
And even when I will get some money from it - I hope
to go on with exhibitions.

People really ask me that.
People think that I see photography as no more than a hobby.
And yeah, it doesn't matter if I took a part in 
exhibitions and have a pro camera.
Few days ago a guy bothered me with it. I don't know him.
And I gave up on a photo that I wanted to take. 
no, he wasn't the model. I didn't even see him coming.
I almost took the photo before he was shouting on
me the question what is the photo that I'm (not) taking.
And no, the pro camera and the exhibitions are NOT
making photography more than a hobby.
Maybe a hobby with a bonus 
(I couldn't understand what did he say that the bonus is)

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