Friday, September 25, 2015

A weird thing that I have to ask

I had an argue with my sister. She thinks that I must burn on CD's who knows how many times the photos that I took of her daughter. I take those photos with a lot of love, but I have patience to do this work. I made many times a try to figure it out and find another way to figure it out (like sending her e-mails with the photos). None is good enough for her and few days ago she even said that I never did it. 

Now it became for huge argue Now it doesn't matter which photo that I take without her daughter. This blog is boring and I should take back my camera to the store. 

And just recently she said on some of my photos that NOW I take some photos like a professional. Now the same photos that I took like a professional are boring.

Do you think this blog is boring and I should give up the camera, or do you like my photos?

Sus Etz


Daphna Noy

Idan Cohen's dance company

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