Friday, February 12, 2016

As a part of celebrating this blog

So, I got my first 100,000 entrances to this blog (thank you!!!).  
As a celebrating it - I hope to get a good reason for having some more. Will be some more new photos all the time anyway, but I want to make it bigger. By that I mean to the next things and maybe some more:

- People from Tel Aviv and around (or at least those who I can come to them with a bus without a problem in case they won't come to Tel Aviv) - I would love to take your photos. It won't be one or two, it will be many photos for one session. It can be for your fun, for Facebook, for invitations for your events... In case you're stage artists (musicians, dancers, actors) - it could be for publicity as well, no matter if n Facebook or for posters. Musicians - it could be also for covers of CD's. I also can take photos at shows in small places at Tel Aviv and around. Special low prices for the celebration. CD's, posters for shows, plays or movies with photos that I took on it will have a publicity at this blog as well. Same price.

- Same thing with cloths designers.

- In case you're abroad and still want my photography - I could take in case you're coming to Israel or in case you have and want to pay at least my flying ticket to the place you are at the world. 

- I can take photos for magazines all over the world. I already started to take for one magazine, but I don't have to to be only there.........

You could contact with me through my Facebook page: 

Buttering Trio
A photo that I took for Raash Magazine

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