Monday, February 22, 2016

Isn't really for me, but...

OK, the photos up are photos that I took at the studio
of Compas Company. They are a great flamenco company
from Israel. I learn for a long time at this studio, most of the time
from Mijal Natan, the artistic manager of this company who was building
this company at 1997. She's the one who dance at last two photos.
The photos here - I got a permission to take some photos at rehearsal lately.
The show here is a work with the dancer/choreographer
Miguel Angel.

This time I show those photos for a reason accept showing 
some photos that I took.
Compas Company has been invited to perform at a festival
which takes a part at Japan. The company has been invited
to perform at August 2016. The problem is that Compas Company
don't have enough money for this travel. It's a problem to live only from
art in Israel and not many can do it. The invitation from Japan
don't includes flying tickets and staying there.

The link below is a part from an Israeli web site
which helps Israeli artists to raise money for getting their arts
for publishing. Art like photography, dance, music, theater and movies.
The thing is also the people who donate receive something
is the artists raise enough money and the thing go out. 
If not raise enough money - nothing happens.
So, this link is raising money for Compas Company 
could get enough money to take a flight to Japan this summer
and perform there. The gifts that people can have in case will be enough
money at this project: 
A ticket to one of the kids shows' of Compas Company

 A private class at
the studio for an hour and a half

Couple of tickets for one of the "ordinary"
shows of Compas Company

A show of one or three dancers of the company
at a private celebration. If you will give enough money -
you could have all the company

A workshop with a dancer from Spain who will give
it at their studio

A couple of tickets for a show and an
entrance to back stage after the show

And few more things.

What would I get?
In case they will raise enough money -
I will get three posters of different shows of 
Compas Company. The posters are my choice
of which shows, all signed by Mijal Natan. I was buying three
units, so....  And this is in case they will get all the money
they need for Japan

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