Monday, December 4, 2017

Insanity brake

I'm about to finish another photography course just for
being a better photographer.

At the course we had a class of objects photography.
Most of us were couples, I was a part of a trio. Each one
was choosing an object and took some photos, the others who
has been a team with were assistants during every session of the others.
I took something very naive - a doll for dogs. I got a little
crazy with it. My assistants became crazy as I am and helped me to do something
which was more scary than cute. They had some ideas, I had some of my own.
Three of us drove the two others to make it this way.

So, after using an idea of one of the assistants - I had to 
pull one hand to the frame and take the photo with the other hand.
One of the craziest moments.

Some more photos soon

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