Saturday, January 27, 2018

Rainy days

Lately it's a real winter here with many rains. At some
areas also snowing. For normal photographers it gives inspiration
to take some more photos. At my case... I wanna go out the less
as possible. And few more things happen to me that doesn't help.
I try to make a living out of photography - which means less people
who accept to take me (easier to have photography for free). I 
have no money for another photography course although I want to.
So, lately I mostly take indoors of my dog with the camera,
outdoors photos of my dog with my phone, taking photos of my
nephews - a thing which I can't always show (only some of one niece).

So, for showing SOMETHING here - one photo of clouds at Tel Aviv.
A photo that I took not long ago during a photography class. 

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