Wednesday, April 18, 2018

I love this camera

This is not just another Nikon camera. This is my personal Nikon camera. I have it for almost 3 years. It's mine since June 2015. I took this photo at the day I bought it. I took a part at art exhibitions with photos that I took with some ordinary cameras. This is my first professional camera. Now I really don't understand how didn't I have one like this before. I have some more photography options than I had before and it gives me a better quality in the photos. So, it isn't new now and I used it a lot, so now it doesn't worth much money, but the fact it's mine for so long and things I had with it - I just love it. And this is a bit, some are personal photography, some for publicity:

- I took many photos of my niece and nephews. I can show some photos of my niece, but the nephews are from my other sister and she doesn't accept yet to publish photos of her sons.

- I took many photos but not enough of Poncho, the Labrador mixed with Golden Retriver I had.

- I took some photos at a foundation that I volunteer at. It's a dogs and cats' shelter. They need the photos for finding homes for the dogs and cats.
- Old Poncho has passed away from a terrible illness. I adopted Pai (or maybe he adopted me) from the foundation. I took some photos of him, but still not enough. 

- I went for few dancing photography workshops. First time was to see that I could take this kind of photos, the other times were because I enjoy doing it.

- I went on taking photos of flamenco. I still do. It including taking photos of my teacher (I'm a non pro dancer) and some friends. Most of times it happened at live shows, but 3 times I took photos also at rehearsals. At rehearsals it included the Spanish/international dancer Miguel Angel who's a good friend of mine (and I'm proud at). Once three photos of mine has been used for my happiness for marketing Sarona TLV when I took photos at a show that happened there. Some other photos has been taken for publishing some other shows, at Israel and Spain. One photo also has been taken for publishing a workshop. I still take some flamenco photos when I have my chance.

- First music show without a connection to flamenco gave me an entrance to net music Israeli magazine called Raash Magazine. I've been there for a year and a half till it was enough for me there. I took photos at many live music shows at this time, mostly for the magazine. I took some photos at a lecture about music for the magazine. At the name of the magazine I also have been once at a press conference with my camera.

- A photo that I took of Yarona Caspi has been published at local printed magazine with the right credit. Another photo that I took of hers has been taken for a poster for two more shows of hers. I've been given my photography credit on the poster itself.
- After leaving Raash Magazine I took photos at few more music shows, two shows are of groups from USA and Canada. The Canadian group has received an article at Ha'Maazine magazine with my photos. 

- I took some photos at the drag line DUYA which was drag parties and shows.

- I started to like making food photography. 

- After having some photography experience I went for two official and serious photography courses. 

- I took also a circus photography workshop. 

- While waiting for the next time of taking stage arts photography without workshops - I took some photos of my niece at Purim costume and took my camera for travel I went to with my family. Few hours travel

So, I think I had a lot with this camera. And those are most but not all of the things. I love my camera for that

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