Wednesday, February 5, 2014

About the next exhibition

Although I still don't have the official invitation - things are getting closed about it. I can't wait to tell. At the next exhibition will be three photos I took around flamenco. Three photos I took of a good friend of mine who's a professional flamenco dancer. I took something like 70 photos, I was choosing some that I thought are good enough to show, he was choosing those which he accept to publish (less than 10), yesterday I was closing with the curator which 3 photos proved by my friend will be on the gallery's walls. 

This curator always takes a work of each artist at group exhibitions for the  invitations and I already know which of my photos will be on the invitation.

The photos will be kappa, so it won't take long to make it. 

When the official invitation will be ready - it will be here as well

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