Wednesday, October 8, 2014

At Ha'Carmel Market

Normally I love markets. At one of the exhibition I took
A part at - I even took some photos of a market nearby.

This market... I have some weird connection with it. I love the area 
I live at. There are two markets in a walking distance
from my house. One of them I love. This is the other one.
Although my love for markets, although my love to my neighborhood - 
I used to hate this market. After I moved to this neighborhood
I found out that nothing is wrong to get in there from time 
to time for buying some vegetables.

So, recently I found out that I really don't have a problem to get into
this market for the vegetables. I got into the situation that
I want to get in there for vegetables and spices. 

This week I did it again. I went for buying some vegetables.
I noticed some tourists who took some photos
and videos of the place. I guess that for tourists
this place looks exotic. As fas as I still adore 
photos from markets - I took some of my own. 
Not all went well (I was hurry with it and wasn't sure how many would like it).
I give you here to watch the good photos from the few I took.

In a thought after this visit - I'm still not crazy
about this market. I still think it's too dirty, in some points too smelly,
the vendors behave too much like vendors, but...
May I don't hate this market now. Even at the dirt of this place
there is some charm, colours and fragrances
that can make this market exotic

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