Monday, October 27, 2014

The secret postcard project

This November at the 7th time with be Fresh Paint Fair at Tel Aviv. This fair gives a stage for new artists (until 10 years since first exhibition). They make selling exhibitions for 50-70 artists every year. I did my best to get into this fair since third year. Never made it as a part of exhibitions. At least at the first time I made a try - there were two artists who didn't get into it and made an alternative exhibition, same days and very close. I had the luck and honour to take a part at the alternative exhibition. I heard from many people who have been in both places that our exhibition was better than the fair of this year.  The curators of the alternative exhibition were the talented Yael Ben Shalom and 

What I did make it as a part of this fair was getting into a project called The Secret Postcard. Every artist or designer who wants to take a part receive two blanked postcards from one side. Each artist design this side without writing the name on it. At the other side there is a place to write name, e-mail address and a phone number. The idea is that art collectors and random buyers knows who's the artist who designed it only after the buying. There is one copy from each postcard. The money goes to scholarships for art students. I made couple of postcards each year since the third fair. Also this year. Accept the first time I designed postcards for it - all postcards that I designed to this project has been sold. First time I received my postcards back... 

Like last year = they opened a link for a web store for the postcards. Now it's possible to buy the postcards through the internet before the fair of this year has started. Of course - I can't tell which are mine although it is possible to get it here. I will have to wait with it until the fair will be finish. Funny... This year the fair's last day will be at my birthday. So, even without telling which are mine here - this is the link of the web store, The Secret Postcard 7

By the way - I noticed that so far 32 people was signing on each of my postcards this year as favourite, 3 comments as well (which I can't see) = 100% possitive 

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