Saturday, May 9, 2015

Preparing to the summer

OK, only a day and a half late....

At the foundation that I volunteer at made a temporary
swimming pool. Two dogs that became my ordinary 
dogs for walks enjoyed it.

At the top photo: Moti drinks from the water. 
He was the first dog ever that I took for a walk as a 
part of my volunteer job. He's been adopted since, 
the man who adopted him gave Moti back after two and 
half weeks. I have no idea how. I'm in love in this dog. 
If I didn't have already one dog at home and I was sure that
I'm able to take care for another one - I probably was adopting
him myself. Just found out that a bit after 
(yesterday or today) he's been adopted again.
I hope that this time it will work out.

At the bottom photo: Teddy is getting wet at the swimming pool. 
He came to the foundation after I started to volunteer. 
He's new there and still looks for home. 
I think that I a new love....

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