Friday, May 29, 2015

Ilan Miller

It's about two delays....

One delay is big. A year and a half ago
I took a serious of photos of my dear friend -
the flamenco dancer Ilan Miller. Not only because he's
my friend - he is talented. 
The photos has been taken for taking a part
in a group exhibition. From the photos that
I took - those three has been published at the 
exhibition. We've been waiting for publish it some more
till the end of the exhibition. Ilan made his word
and published after with giving me the credit for the photo. 
He shows mostly the third one. 
About me? Has been published in other places than

Now... A smaller delay:
Ilan had his birthday few days ago.
So, it's kind of late way to say
"happy birthday", no matter he
already received a private way as well 

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