Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Adopting, donating, volunteering

So, just reminding the foundation that I volunteer at. 

I started to volunteer at a foundation that helps dogs and cats without homes to find adopting families with homes. They have there a lot of love for the animals. And they have there many dogs and cats that is impossible to understand how does they don't have a warm loving home. Too cute. Most even has been through some traumatic events before they came there. The foundation  saved their lives.

The things that I do there:
- Mostly takes out some of the dogs for walks. I started with it and still go on. 
- From time to time I get in to the place of the cats for playing with them. 
= Recently I took care for a sucking cat that someone left there. 
- Taking some photos for them. Till recently it was mostly through my phone of the dogs that I took for a walk. I'm glad to tell that two dogs that I took for walks found their homes. Recently I started to bring from time to time my pro camera for taking some official photos of the dogs and cats. That's for telling people about the dogs and cats there. Don't you want to adopt those beautiful dogs and cats? Now at the Facebook page there are many photos that I took. Usually I ask at least for a credit, but they are a special case for me. And I want any reason to use my new camera. And hey, I uploaded to here all the photos that I took for them, one moment before they did.

So, if you love dogs and cats, you have some time and patience and look for a new friend - you can come to adopt. If you can't adopt and live around Tel Aviv (where is the foundation)- you can always come and volunteer. In case you can't but still want to help them to save dogs and cats - you can always to donate some money. The donating can come instead or includes. 

I add the link for their regular site. Just after the photos I took of Teddy, one of the dogs that I take now for walks. 

צער בעלי חיים רמת גן והסביבה

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