Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I'm sorry to bother with it, but....

As I said before - I do some volunteer in a shelter for dogs and cats that need a new home. It includes many sweethearts that it isn't clear how do they still look for homes. Some of the dogs and cats there come to this place after a trauma they has been through or has been abandoned (one more trauma). Till a new home has been found to them - they get a shelter in every thing it means. They receive food, water, medical help, mental help to build faith in humans... Anything they need.

Now, as far as this place is a foundation - it works mostly on donation. Most of time it gets also some help from the government for they could survive and help the dogs and cats as much as possible. Still, the help from the government isn't all, but it has a lot of influence. The government we have now is weak, so there is no budget they gives to anyone. Not to this foundation or anyone else who really need it. So, the foundation has a very big problem with money. Not only that there is no money for food or medical care for the dogs and cats - the foundation owes too much money.

Every money donation, even a little bite of it could save a life of a dog or a cat. If you love animals - please donate. This is the only way to save the place and by the way - save some dogs and cats.

Few links after the photos. Of course - some dogs and cats of the shelter, photos that I took as a part of my volunteer there:

Through PayPal:

Through Israel is donating:

Through a bank account:

Or to their web site:

Every donation is a blessing. Please help us to help them. You can also sign "like"
on their Facebook page for people would know about this place. A link after the next photo

Thank you very much for you attention! 
And if you donate this foundation - a bigger thanks in the name 
of the dogs and cats

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