Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Taking photos for

In case you're abroad it will be a little project, but it's possible.
In case you are coming to Tel Aviv at any case - it will be easier for now. 

Musicians: I can take photos of yours for covers of CD's, no matter if it''s for LP, EP, singles, for radio.... In case you choose a photo that I took for you for having as CD cover - I promise to publish your CD at this blog. I can also take photos of your shows, at least if it's in small (but worthy) places.

Movie makers and play theatres: I can take photos for the posters of your movies and plays. 

Dancers and choreographers: I can take photos for posters of your shows. I also can take photos of your shows. 

Fashion designers: I can take photos of yours and photos of your collections. For publishing anywhere you want to or for a catalogue.

DJ's: sadly I know less about this part, but I can take your photos for flyers to publish the parties you work at. I guess it will be a lot about Berlin and Ibiza.

Restaurants, coffee shops and bakeries: I can take photos of opening new ones. I can take photos of your food for magazines or your Facebook pages. At that case - better if it's vegetarian or vegan places, as far as I am a vegetarian with guilty feelings that I'm not vegan yet. So it will be difficult for me to take some good photos of meat (or dead fish). In case it's a chef restaurants - I can take photos also of the chefs.

About publishing and money: there is one more option about my price.
- In case you are coming to Tel Aviv anyway - I won't ask for a lot of money. 
- In case that I'm taking a flight to another state... Depend of how much work I will have. If there will be many artists, designers of restaurants owners at the same place I won't ask for a lot from each. At this case it will be enough if I will get back the money of the flight ticket and the sleeping at the hotel. In case it will be only one or two - it will be a big price for it will be worth for me to come. So, if it's a place that record CD's, fashion school, movie companies or night clubs with DJ's that comes there for a lot of work... Better to invite me for few together.
- In case that a photo that I took will be chosen for a cover of a CD I will publish here the CD. If I will take photos of music concerts I would be happy to publish here the next shows of the musicians, even if I won't be able to come myself. Of course with photos that I took. 
In case that a photo that I took will be chosen to be on a poster of a poster or a play I would publish here the movies and plays with those posters. 
Fashion designers will get publishing here of there collections with photos that I took of your collections. It will include credits for all (designers, models, make up artists....).
- Restaurants and coffee shops that I will take photos for will also get publishing photos here at the blog with telling where it is.
- All publishing of your at my blog includes the price you will pay me anyway. 

You can contact me through my Facebook page:


And some photos that I took and have a connection to this:

Elisete (singer song written)

Ilan Miller (a flamenco dancer)

Daphna Noy (a dancer and a choreographer)

Idan Cohen's dance company

Las Primas
Yael Yamin, Noa Drezner and Miriam Levy
invites Hagai Leshem, and Johanna

Yael is the dancer, Noa is the guitar player, Miriam is the singer
Hagai play a cajon, Johanna play the violin

Flamenco at Jaffa
Yael Yamin, Shuky Shveiky and Ofir Atar

Shuky and Ofir are
singers/guitar players of flamenco

At The Container

At Sus Etz
Shenkin Street, Tel Aviv

Shenkin 17
Tel Aviv

Bread and a half
Tel Aviv
 לחם וחצי
נחלת יצחק
תל אביב

Shaul Ha'Melech street
Tel Aviv

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