Monday, April 11, 2016

Now it's my turn for a project

So, so many did it before me and so many will make it after me. So far I have a long history of photography: 

I had cameras since  I was a kid. I used to take photos for fun and to make memories for years before I thought to make a job out of it.

I found myself almost by mistake taking my part at the my first exhibition at 2008. I had many more since. So far only group exhibitions. The first solo exhibition never happened mostly because of the money I didn't have for more of it. I gave up some group exhibitions from the same reason. So many I made with an ordinary "home" camera, like those that were at every house before smartphones. 

I opened this blog.

I received a loan for a professional Nikon camera (my favorite firm, even the ordinary camera I had for the last 10-15 were only Nikon).

I took some photos for a dogs' shelter that I volunteer at. Most of the dogs I took their photos with my pro camera found homes. I took some photos also for another foundation few times.

I took some pro photos for my dog just because I love him. 

I took few workshops of dancing photography. I took photos at special shows of modern dance made for few photographers only. 

I took photos also photos at flamenco shows just for fun and learning to do it better. I received a permission to take some photos at a rehearsal for another flamenco show. 

I took outdoors photography session for a friend of mine - the singer/song writer Elisete. Later on I took photos at a show of hers. I took photos at a show of the musician Itamar Rothschild, not before I asked him if accept it. The photos from Itamar Rothschild's show let me an entrance to the crew of Raash Magazine. I took photos in some shows for the magazine (not enough yet for me). And since I took photos at another two shows without a connection to the magazine. The show of Elisete and a show of a musician called Oshrat Gal. Got to know her by luck. 

From time to time I take photos at restaurants and coffee shops that I like. 

I want my photography history will get longer and bigger. I want to have enough money to do so. I want to earn money for it with respect. I want to rent a studio and get some more photography equipment and equipment for making some of it. I want to get back for showing at exhibition without to worry about the money. Maybe finally to make my first solo exhibition. 

For making my dreams of photography for reality - I started a project for getting money for it. You could get many things for helping get my dreams for real.

Here's a ling to my project:

The dogs photos from up to down:

My old Poncho
Steveo from the foundation
Venus from the foundation. both found homes.
Beautiful Fiona who still waits for home

Down: photos from shows that I took

ג'יין בורדו Jane Bordeaux


flamenco at Jaffa
The dancer Yael Yamin
The guitar players are Shuky Shveiky and Alon Carmelly

Angela Dance Company

Idan Cohen's Dance Company

Miguel Angel at a rehearsal

Ilan Miller and Ayelet Shachar at a rehearsal

Mijal Natan at a rehearsal

Vaadat Charigim

Oshrat Gal

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