Saturday, April 9, 2016

Tablao Flamenco - 9.4.2016 (of Compas Company)

Every while (mostly every month or two) there is a show
in a tablao style at the studio of Mijal Natan. 
It includes her and her flamenco dance company.

The concept is clear and repeat itself.
Mijal Natan herself (if she's at Israel, and usually she is when it happen)
and two other dancers from her company - Compas Company,
live music, once in a long while also a guest dancer. 
All happens at the studio of Mijal. A flamenco show in a pure
style made close to the style of tabalos at Spain. 
A little intimate show while the audience doesn't have to come
with evening costumes.

This time - April 2016

Mijal Natan, Ayelet Shachar and Guerau Cabrera

Ofir Atar

Guitar player:
Tomer Elmalah

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