Friday, April 8, 2016

A sweet gift from a crazy friend

One of my best friends called Maya I had the pleasure
to know through our love to flamenco and our being at Facebook.
We both learn to dance for our fun. We're always on contact, but don't
see each other enough at real life. Although we don't see each other a lot -
she was one of the first people who knew when my old Poncho has passed away.

Now has started a big flamenco festival at Tel Aviv
(at least when we talk about Israel - it's a big issue).
First day of the festival came out on Maya's birthday.
She came with her husband to Tel Aviv. I gave her a birthday gift.
I thought that the gifts part was over by that. Well, no.
Maya and her husband gave me a ride back home.
When we got to their car - Maya told me that she also have
a gift for me. She brought me this box of chocolates for 
helping me to get over my sadness.

Will be more of it. After downloading those photos I
was thinking I didn't take enough photos of the biggest 
chocolate. And hey, I forgot that there is one more thing that
Maya said and I didn't see yet...

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