Sunday, September 11, 2016

Here I Am

This is something that I usually don't do.
Normally I don't do any computer touch on my photos.
But there was a time that I made some trials with computer
applications that are not the regular things that helps photographers.
I made the the try to make the craziest things that I could.

So, after that another photographer told me how horrible I am
because I don't make retouching other my photography with computer,
all in a Facebook group made to photographers - I made a look at an art
group at Facebook that I opened. The group I opened wasn't only photography, 
it made for all kind of arts. At start the idea was for the art you can find in
museums and galleries as photography, painting, sculpture and so. It got open 
also for stage artists as well. Some dancers published themselves at this
group and I was (and still) cool with it.

By looking again at the photos at this are group - I found the photo up.
It's a photo that I took when I only started to take photography as more than
a hobby. I was still making trials with computer over some photos. 
It was before I became a blogger. 

If to check the date that I uploaded to Facebook - this trial was taken
at 2010, two years after I took a part at my first group exhibition

And in case you are artists - no matter if it's about photography, painting, sculpture, video art....
Or in case you just love art - feel free to join my Facebook group

Art Can Save The World

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