Saturday, September 24, 2016


Can I find anyone with lots of money who really loves me? I want those Nikon. Both of them. And the lens under.....

Sorry for the quality of this photo. Very not typical.
One moment that I went to the cinema, so I didn't take my camera.
I took this photo with my phone.
My Nikon is digital and looks like I'm not sure that
I remember how to change films at old cameras as the cameras at this photo.
Still love it. And it kinda weird. I had many cameras with films
since I was a kid till something like 10 years ago.
I got an old one after got used to the digital cameras. It's an oldie
second hand (at least) and need some help changing the films there. 
Doesn't disturb me stop next to window shops with old cameras and wish
for more. And I want those Nikons! Not only that I don't
know if I will use it - I'm sure that I don't have enough money
for those beauties

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