Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A new project

Those who follow this blog knows that I was taking many photos till now. I took a part at some group exhibitions, most before I started this blog.

Since I started this blog I still made some artistic style to show what I can do. 

I took many dancing photos - modern style for learning how to do it right, and I go on with flamenco.
I work for Raash Magazine. In less than a year and a half I took photos at music shows (rock, jazz and indie) for.... How many? Already 50 or close to it? Mostly for the magazine, but not only.

I took food photos at places that went out to eat for I could recommend. 

I volunteer at a dog's shelter. I took photos of dogs from this shelter for promoting adopting from them as a part of volunteering. I took photos of my own dogs as well.

Recently I started to take photos at the drag line DUYA - Drag Up Your Ass.

I have entrances to this blog from all over the world. 

Still - I don't earn enough, not as much that I can get for my experience and ability. Looks like that soon I would have to buy a new camera for I could go on. And if a new camera - it will be a more progressive model which fit better for what I take photos most of the time. I started a project for getting the money. I offer a lot for supporting. The goal is made for the camera itself, but if it will go on much more than that - it will help me to go on and learn some more photography to make my own photography better. 

Please check out my project (suppose to be also a version at English). I hope that all could find something that can fit them. This is the link to the project:


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