Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Let you know

- In case you're in Tel Aviv or Jaffa
- In case there's a way I'll come to you in another place
- I can take your outdoors photos or at music/dance shows, photos of your dogs or food
- It's possible to have it for my blog or have a work with other bloggers

You can see at my blog here that I did a lot of dancing
photography. Some modern dance, some more flamenco.
From dancing I took some photos of Miguel Angel, Compas Company,
Angela Dance Company, Ilan Miller, Idan Cohen Dance Company, Steps Company,
Yael Yamin, Adaia Berkowitz and some more.

From music I took photos at shows
of Noa Drezner, Efrat Kolberg, Lily Fay, Electric Desert, 
Electric Zoo, Kutiman Orchestra, a tribute to Bob Marley, 
Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, The Paz Band, 
Vaadat Charigim, Aperco, Yarona Caspi, Buttering Trio, Gitla,
Dana Berger, Lola Marsh, Eliad, Fatum Aeternum
and many more. 

So far I took some photos of vegetarian and vegan food
at places that I went to, love it and wanted to recommend. I get 
with it with time. So, I can do it for some new places or for
bloggers who makes food blogs.

About dogs.... I LOVE dogs. So far - accept taking
photos of my dogs - I took some photos at the dogs' shelter
that I volunteer at for making sure that people will adopt. 

You can contact me at

I can do it mostly at Tel Aviv, Jaffa and this area,
unless you accept to take care for my flight ticket to
another place outside Israel, or in case it's easy to come to you
with a bus at Israel

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