Sunday, March 29, 2015

A selfie with Moti

I know... One more photo that probably some won't see as professional.
Maybe they are right, but I think it turned out funny.
And as far as I took it - I can use it.

As I said before - I started to volunteer at a place that helps
lonely dogs and cats to find homes. Sadly I'm not sure that I can 
adopt one more dog than I already have. 

The dog at the photo called Moti. He's the first dog that I took
for a walk as a part of this work. Now he's one of the two 
that I usually take for a walk when I come to this foundation. 
I truly fell in love in this dog. Last week he signed me that 
the walking was enough for him before our time outside has over.
I sat on a bench near the house of the foundation while 
still holding him. 
At the moment he saw another dog at the hands of another woman
who volunteer there - he jumped to the bench. A moment after
he was standing over my feet for having some petting. 

I just needed to take a photo or two of both of us after some hugs, kisses and petting

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