Saturday, March 7, 2015

The shoes

I'm sorry to use this platform for that.

Not art that you see at art galleries and museums. 
Still kind of art. Flamenco.

People who knows me know that I dance flamenco for years.
Although I'm not a pro dancer - recently I got two couples of 
pro flamenco shoes. Both made in a special order, but the first 
made in a wrong size for me. Some kind of mistake. A thing that 
can happen at first time of ordering shoes through internet. 
First ever. 

Although there is a big scene here of flamenco,
although I know some pro dancer - 
I still don't find anyone here someone
at this size (not an ordinary one), and till someone 
do - no one accept to pay as needed
for pro shoes. Not even if it's less than I paid for it.

So, in case you are a pro flamenco dancer or know anyone...
Please contact me. Those are shoes made by Artefyl.
They make only flamenco shoes for pro dancers. 
In case you know the names it probably will make some impression on you.
Dancers like Miguel Angel, Belen Maya, Cristina Hoyos
and the company of Antonio Gades buy from them on a regular base.
Those shoes in the size which is wrong for me is 36.5 
of Spain. 

I was wearing it twice and can't dance in it (too small for me).

If you are a pro dancer or know someone, that's your size and 
like the look - please contact me. About price we'll talk on private.

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