Friday, March 13, 2015

Dogs and cats

Recently I started to volunteer at a foundation that helps dogs and cats without home. They are taking care for those dogs and cats till a family is adopting them. Sadly I can't adopt myself all of them (my house isn't big, I have already one dog and not sure that I can take care for more than one at once, my dog doesn't like cats - so this option is hopeless as well). But I took some photos through Instagram. 

I'm not there much time, but I already in love in two male dogs, I got to know now another female dog which is also sweet. Sadly I still don't know well the names of the cats, but I do love them too and handle with most of them. Some are so beautiful and I really can't understand why do they still look for a new family. 

In case you love dogs and cats - you should adopt. And here are some photos that I took of those amazing models:

Moti (male)

Dalik (male)

Piggy (female)

צער בעלי חיים ר"ג והסביבה
חפץ חיים 4
תל אביב

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