Thursday, September 3, 2015

About to come

I'm glad to tell about it. I'm waiting for it and exited.

I found out about photography workshops that includes some private dance shows. A full workshop includes three meeting:
- One meeting for few photographers that gives some insights about photography
- One meeting at a hall (mostly Suzanne Dellal, Tel Aviv - the way I found out about it). This part it includes maximum 10 photographers. The photographers enjoy a private dance show with make up, outfits and lightning in a pro way. All of it for taking some photos of the show and meet the dancers.
= One private class for learning to works with Photoshop

It's possible to have all and it's possible to have only the meeting for taking photos. As far as the whole thing costs a lot of money which I don't have and it's possible to come in much less for the photography itself - I made it as a birthday gift from my parents. I will come to take some photos in few more days from now (no matter that my birthday will come at November).

I'm glad to have because it's a mix of two things that I truly love - photography and dance. I want to special in this kind of photography as well. And maybe I will get to know it a little better as a pro and maybe to know personally some more people of both categories. These are the main reasons for me to do it and be so pleases from the idea of doing it.

And even though at my crazy head I still have my reasons to be afraid of it as well:
- So far I was teaching myself photography and I had to give up on the insights part (only price thing, NOT because I didn't find it interesting).
- Although I know some professional flamenco dancers - so far my dancing photography was more outdoors. So, it will be my first trial on those conditions. I know that if I want to do it I will have to start one day somehow, but first time is always the most frightening.
- The photographer who gives those workshops and organize all of it.... I think it's amazing that he do it, but something in his attitude makes me stress. I hope that I'm wrong about the attitude.

I hope that soon I could show some photos from this experience. I hope that at least some will be good enough for it.

And here is an old photo that I took at the port of Tel Aviv. Dancing thing. Few years ago, not even at a pro camera, just camera:

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