Thursday, December 31, 2015


I wasn't sure that I would do any "Happy New Year", remembering all of 2015 or blessing for for 2016. So, I do it and hopefully it won't take too long.


Only one exhibition, but it was at Tel Aviv and I'm proud that I took a part of it. 

I had cameras that were good enough to take photos with for exhibition, but I got also a new one that gives me more options of photography.

I took some photos of cats, but more of dogs at and for the foundation that I started to volunteer at this year (almost a year there and love being there). 

I took some photos of my friend the singer Elisete for she could tell about me at her internet show. 

I went for two dancing photography workshops. At one I took photos of Daphna Noy and photos of Idan Cohen's dance Company. Second time it included Adaia Berkowitz who is dancing a work of Adi Paz, a part of a show of Maayan Horesh and I took photos of two shows of Angela Dance Company - an old show of them and one show which is still on work.

I took some photos at three different flamenco shows at Jaffa (same place, same dancer, different nights and different musicians)

I spent some time at a rehearsal of the show "David and Bat Sheva" - an old flamenco show whic returns for once more. It's a production of Compas Company with Migeul Angel. Again - spend some time with friends. My flamenco teacher is the person who brings Miguel to here. He's a good friend of mine. My good friend Ilan Miller slowly becomes a part of this company accept being a dancer by himself. I see many others at this company as kinda friends of mine as well. I still wait for permission to publish some more photos from the rehearsal.

And I took some photos at a show of the singer Itamar Rothschild


I hope to use much more the camera that I own. 

I hope to take a part at some more exhibitions.

I hope to be useful some more at the foundation that I volunteer at - also with my camera.

I hope to take some more photos of musicians - on stage at shows or for CD's or publicity. 

I hope to take some more dancing photos.

I hope that my photography will grow bigger with quality, amount and subjects (theatre, movies posters, fashion, people who wants to have their own good photos or of their dogs). 

Happy New Year with lots of art, music and dancing 

Angela Dance Company

Miguel Angel

Compas Company (first photo with Miguel Angel)

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