Saturday, December 12, 2015

The movie is around me

Well, the kitchen at my apartment was never easy for cooking. A big problem for me. I love eating outside, but I enjoy also to cook myself. This is what I got, don't ask why. For too long I have a problem that made the cooking at my apartment to impossible. I can't fix it alone and I still didn't find a decent person to fix it for me. It gives me three options:
- Eating at my parents' 
- Invite take away food
- Eat outside.

It cost a lot, but I spend a lot of time at nice places. When I can and it doesn't repeat itself - I take some photos and upload to here as a recommendation. There are are some places at Tel Aviv that I love and didn't go to for too long, and maybe the photos are not good enough. I want to go back even for taking some decent -photos there. Look for Indira, Ernesto 90, Benedict and Allora - at the blog or in case you're looking for a good place to eat at Tel Aviv. There is also a new place near the foundation that I volunteer at. I have some photos from there - Bread and a Hald - לחם וחצי

And for for a cup of coffee and a little thing to eat next to it - Cafelix.

Recently as a day travel that I took with two others at Jerusalem - we ate at Ein Carem Inn. Another nice place. 

Recently I spend a lot of time at Sus Etz, Shenkin Street, Tel Aviv. I spent some times before with my family and with some friends. It's close to my house, nice place place which is also open at Saturdays (not an ordinary thing for all at Israel). Now from time to time I eat there at Saturdays. A late lunch....

This time happened something that never happened to me before and made me feel like I'm starring at a movie:

When I got in there was a table was taking by a family - a married couple with three little kids. I took a table nearby. At the start - the husband was staring at me. I was a little embarrassing, but I was choosing to ignore. When I almost finished - they started to pay and take their things. One of the little girls stopped next to me twice or three times to check what and how do I eat. When I finished - I asked for the bill. The waitress told me that my bill has been paid by this table. She was pointing at the table that this family was sitting at a moment before. We both were wondering why, cause I don't know this family....

And this is my lunch at Sus Etz that was paid by people that I don't know:

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