Tuesday, December 22, 2015

One more dancing photography workshop

I took another dancing' photography workshop with
the photographer Kfir Bolotin. It had three parts - 

6 minutes from the show Post it - made by Adi Paz and danced
by Adaia Berkowitz. We got it twice. the show called "Post It"

After that a part from "Here I come" of Maayan Horesh
Made and danced by her alone.

Parts from an old show and a part from an upcoming show
of  Angela Dance Company

Before taking the photos of dancing - a talk with 
the choreographers. As far as Adi Paz couldn't come 
because of personal things - Adaia Berkowitz who 
dance this work of hers was talking instead.

And this is for the start.

At the photos from left to right:

Adaia Berkowitz

Miriam Engel (the manager and choreographer of 
Angela Dance Company)

Maayan Horesh

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