Tuesday, January 26, 2016


One more foundation that I started to volunteer at.
This foundation mostly helps for children and teenagers
at risk, that's the main idea of it. Since this foundation 
has been built - they started with some more help. Now
they also help for adults who need some help.

Recently I started to volunteer there as a photographer.
The photo up is a mix. I made my first volunteering work there
last week. They made a breakfast at Norman Hotel, Tel Aviv.
The people who took a part at this breakfast were business
people from England and Israel who donate for this foundation. 
I came for the first time to take some photos and show what do
they do at this foundation. So, the photo is a mix they made with 
three different photos that I took at this breakfast. There are some
more photos, but... This is it for now

And this is a link for the web site of the foundation 
(Hebrew version)

העמותה לקידום החינוך בת”א-יפו

And a link for Norman Hotel's web site, were 
this breakfast happened at

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