Saturday, January 9, 2016

So help me God (and God is dead)

I found out about an Israeli web site that works as a music magazine. As far as I love music till addiction and I find it interesting to take photos of musicians - on stage or out of stage - I offered myself as a photographer to this magazine. I sent a link to this blog for who manage this site ill see what can I do. After a while I received an answer. A weird thing between "yes" and "no". The manager of the site said they always look for some new photographers  He can see that I have the ability, but he didn't see any photos from shows. The flamenco shows are not enough for him. He didn't see all that flamenco isn't the only thing. Maybe in the future we'll work together. but not now.

After a short while I found out about a show of Itamar Rothschild at a cool place at Tel Aviv. I made a contact with him and asked for permission to take some photos at the show. He accepted. As far as he still don't know me well - I grateful for his trust in me with the photos.

After the show and uploading here - I made two sending links which were important for me:
I sent to Itamar himself for letting him know what did I do at the show.
I sent to the manager of the manager of the music magazine. 

I received two different answers:
Itamar thanked me for the photos and said he liked it. 
The manager of the magazine said that in big time it's good, but still had some critic of how doing it well. We may work together one day. 

So, I start working at the magazine, which is good, but...
I won't receive some money for it because the web site still don't earn any money.
I received with the other photographers a list of shows for photography. 
I as choosing two. Because of bad communicate that I have with the manager - 
there is a double booking for me at those shows. But looks like that the singers that I will go
for their shows as a photographer of the magazine are easier for me to communicate. I already found
a way to talk with them through Facebook. 

After finding out the double booking - I found out that only the first show is only mine - for taking photos and telling about it. For the other one I won't be the only one. The manager of the magazine will send me and another woman. It still isn't clear who between us will asked for taking photos and who will write about it.

Anyway - the photos will be publish first at magazine after a say or two. After that I will be free to publish here as well.

The only reasons that I accept to do it with no money and with a bad communication are my will to take some more photos and practice for a start. And it will give me one more platform to show my photos. No one can promise me this - but I hope it also will give me some new connections that can help me as a photographer.

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