Saturday, July 9, 2016

One step more

Here we go again with some little dramas around my photography.
I'm not sure if to be happy or get mad because of it.

So I took some photos at a show of Yarona Caspi. Her invitation and my pleasure and honor. And this week was an article about Yarona Caspi at general and mostly about this certain show. It wasn't for the magazine that I usually take photos for. Yarona was inviting me personally and the article was taken a part at a magazine for the people who lives in Tel Aviv, a magazine that belongs to the biggest daily newspaper at Israel. At this article made a use at one of the photos that I took. I was very proud of myself and I think that I have a good reason for it. Another magazine, a big one make a use at a photo that I took by a special invitation of the musician, I was given the full credit for my photography and they spelled my name correct (too many people have some problems with my name, but that's for another story). A good article by the way.

So, with lots of joy and pride - Yarona has published the article at Facebook, I knew about it through her and made a lot publishing myself.

Well, the story doesn't finish by that. Till this part I can only be happy and proud. The next step was made as a jealousy of someone I hardly know. I guess I can be happy that I can make someone jealous of me, but between that and stealing credits is a little red line that you are not allow to through. That horrible man, Michael Engel wrote me at Facebook that I shouldn't take the credit for my photo. He took the photo that was taken by me at my camera.... He made it! He should get the credit on MY PHOTO!!! He's jealous of me and it can be a complement, but telling me that he should get the credit on a photo that I took.... He is so rude and he should take long distance of me

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